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Why doctors say the future of sleep apnea diagnosis is here...

August 20, 2021

Future of sleep diagnosis

The pandemic impact

Over the past year, Covid has impacted lives in ways many could not imagine. The health care community had to figure out how to work with pandemic-induced restrictions in real time. Physicians started utilizing telehealth, and while sleep labs reopened, they did so with reduced capacity. Patients were also reluctant to go to a lab due to possible exposure.  

Some sleep labs have not been able to ride out the pandemic storm. Several independent non-hospital-owned sleep labs have closed during the past year. Patients also continue to question the safety of going to a lab for a test, and the appointment backlog for some labs is weeks or even months long. Patients will likely continue to put a high emphasis on their own health and, with increased demand for CPAP therapy, solutions are becoming harder to find. 

Lofta’s Home Sleep Test is favorable due to the convenience it offers. HST allows patients to avoid the overnight stay at the sleep center, with fewer attached wires and access to the comforts of home. Other added benefits are quicker diagnostic turnaround time and ease of use.

We are confident that the future of sleep apnea diagnosis lies within Lofta’s approach to diagnosing and monitoring patients regularly, easily, and economically.