LoftaCare Matches You With A Personal CPAP Therapy Coach

Starting CPAP therapy can be hard. In fact, ~35% of people who start, fail to adapt to CPAP therapy due to lack of proper guidance and support. LoftaCare is your best chance to succeed. The LoftaCare team will give you the right mix of professional coaching, encouragement and accountability needed to adapt to your CPAP therapy.

90% CPAP Therapy Compliance Rates After 90 Days
the Secret to CPAP Success

Your ultimate solution for maximizing the benefits of CPAP treatment and achieving restful sleep like never before.

What's Included
with LoftaCare

Personal support from Lofta sets you up for therapy success.

Lofta offers flexible options for CPAP Therapy Support.

Basic Support Rest easy with Lofta guidance and recommendations, and get the services you need when You Pay As You Go*. LoftaCare Including On-demand Coaching, Monitoring, Device Adjustments, and Compliance Reports
1 year of coaching calls
Lofta Respiratory Therapist Team available for therapy support / coaching $40 for a 20 minute session Included
60-Night Cash Back return
60-Night Unlimited Mask Exchanges
Enhanced Return Policy
3-year PAP Device Product Protection
Discounts on future CPAP supply orders
On-demand compliance reports $35 per report Included
*price varies
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Chat with us or call us now to go over any questions you have about support options or LoftaCare.
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Customer Experience and Reviews

Lofta clients enjoy an unsurpassed experience on the path to better sleep and for the effective treatment of Sleep Apnea.

Ben S.
Everything you need!

I cannot express how seamless and easy it is to let LoftaCare take care of my CPAP needs. Fantastic staff and outstanding customer service!

Gina W.
Lofta is the BEST way to go!

I waited almost 6 months before doing a review because I'm a new CPAP user and by watching my husband's experience with another company I knew it would take some getting used to. He had bought his BiPap from a local place and did his sleep study through a local doctor and it was a nightmare because we hadn't heard of Lofta at that time. I use Lofta for everything including my CPAP and supplies, sleep study, and my LoftaCare Sleep Coach named Narina and seriously have been so thrilled with the whole process. I'm getting the best sleep of my life and wake up feeling so rested. Narina is really great about checking my sleep report and listening to what's going on and offering the best advise. She's so nice and pleasant to deal with and even reminds me when it's time to change my cushions and whatnot. Way to go Lofta. We'll for sure use them for my husband when he needs a new machine.

Rebecca H.
Makes it easy for a new cpap user

The LoftaCare Complete service has made it easy for me to get all the supplies I need. They send you what you need each month automatically.


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