How We Got To Sleep.

Our founder went through it all.

The restless nights. The draining days. The health concerns. The uncertainty. And worst of all, the slow and complicated process of getting diagnosed and discovering sleep apnea treatment options.

So he set out to simplify ways to treat sleep apnea for the many who suffer with disordered sleep. Because he knew there was a better way.

That way is Lofta.

Line art woman sleeping soundly

Putting The Barriers To Rest.

Discovering the path to better sleep should be about comfort. That’s why we keep the sleep apnea journey as streamlined as possible—cutting hassle and giving you more time to take your sleep back sooner.

Line art woman on pillow sleeping

Supporting Sleep Success.

We know sleep apnea treatment options takes getting used to, so we’re here to make the course of treatment as comfortable as possible.

Whether that’s making adjustments to get you the best results or just making sure you understand those results along the way, our goal is to provide you with sleep apnea support therapy to provide you with sleep that you can only dream about at the moment.

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Making Sense Of Sleep Health.

We’re also focused on removing stigma and misconceptions. Anyone can discover that they are dealing with sleep apnea. Which is why we believe in making it easier for everyone to get a handle on their sleep health.

By improving awareness, understanding, and access to sleep apnea treatment, we can wake up to a world where healthy rest is always within reach.

Would you like to learn more about Sleep Health? Then head on over to our Sleep Health page that will provide you with even more detailed insights and answers.

It’s a new day in sleep. Welcome to Lofta.

Sleep Elevated

“The big idea for Lofta was revolutionizing the diagnosis and treatment journey to get people on therapy quicker—and stay on therapy longer.”

Jay Levitt, Lofta Founder

The Lofta Difference

Our approach to sleep apnea treatment streamlines sleep apnea solutions to give you more of what’s going to make you rest easy.

1 Simple

We’ll make sure you understand the plan, every step of the way.

2 Convenient

We believe the most effective sleep apnea treatment should stay in the comfort of home.

3 Helpful

Our team is here to make sense of test results and ways to get the most out of sleep apnea treatment.

4 Elevated

The best shopping experience in sleep medicine with free shipping, easy returns, and flexible payment.

5 Supportive

With you throughout all of sleep apnea therapy with expert coaching and resources to get you back to sleep.

The Dream Team

You won’t be alone on your sleep journey. Our team is here to support every part of your treatment.

Line art well rested man Sleep Champion

Helps you understand your sleep test and gets you started with the right therapy package.

Line art supportive consultant Client Care Specialist

Makes sure you get everything you need, when you need it.

Line art sleep apnea specialist Therapy Coach

Keeps you on the path to sleep success by answering questions and guiding your treatment.


Why People Love Lofta

Clients can expect an exceptional experience on the path to better sleep.

Hector R.
Awesome reference

I am very happy that my co-worker referred me to Lofta. The whole process, from sleep study, working with the Sleep Therapist to getting the machine, was super smooth and fast. It would have taken me 10 times longer had I gone through other channels.

Jaime C.
Better sleep

I never realized how tired I was through out the day, until I started using the air sense 10. Now I feel more alert and rested through out the day.

Robin A.
Customer Service

Everyone at Lofta has treated me with outstanding customer service over the last couple of years and more recently. Just exceptional service and attention to detail!!

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