Sleep Health:
An eye opener.

If you’ve been in the dark about good sleep, this is your wake-up call. The right rest is crucial to your total wellness.

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The Importance of Sleep Wellness.

Better rest benefits your whole health picture.

Physical Health With Proper Rest.

Feel it in your energy, stronger immune response and lower risk of heart and other disease.

Mental Health With Proper Rest.

Enjoy more clarity, better moods, and less likelihood of depression or anxiety.

Understanding Sleep Quality.

Deep and REM sleep are what you need to recharge your batteries and start your day off right. Interrupting these states leads to low quality sleep, with potentially serious long-term impacts.

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50 to 70
million sleep
among U.S. adults.

The Most Common Sleep Disorders

If you feel tired throughout the day, you could have one of these conditions that require treatment.

1 Insomnia

The inability to fall or stay asleep.

2 Sleep Apnea

Interrupted breathing that reduces sleep quality.

3 Narcolepsy

Extreme daytime sleepiness.

4 Restless Leg Syndrome

Uncontrollable urge to move legs while sleeping.

5 REM Sleep Behavior Disorder

Unusual acting out and movement while dreaming.

“This has been an eye-opening experience. I had no idea sleep apnea was my problem. Thought I just snored loud.”

Shana G., Lofta client

What Is Sleep Apnea?

Simply put, it keeps you from breathing normally while you sleep, which means you don’t get the rest you need.

It can be because your airway is physically blocked (obstructed sleep apnea) or because your brain is giving the wrong breathing signals (central sleep apnea).

Illustration of normal breathing while sleeping.

Normal breathing Keeps you at rest through the night.

Illustration of obstructed breathing while sleeping.

Obstructed breathing Disrupts sleep cycle, preventing rest.

Associated Symptoms Of Sleep Apnea; Stroke, Hypertension, Heart Disease, Daytime Headaches, Diabetes, Increased Accident Risk, Depression Or Irritability, Memory Loss

Sleep Apnea
Health Risks.

Daytime tiredness is just the beginning. Sleep-disordered breathing can be a stealth health hazard, increasing the risk and effects of many serious conditions.

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Do you have headaches during the day?

Is There A Cure For Sleep Apnea?

While there are surgical options, non-invasive CPAP therapy brings relief to many who suffer from sleep apnea. And with Lofta, you can go from diagnosis to treatment without leaving home.

Get Diagnosed

A doctor will review your Home Sleep Test results and prescribe therapy, if needed.

Start Treatment

Shop for the gear and accessories you need to start sleeping healthier again.

Receive Support

Ongoing guidance can optimize therapy and ensure sleep success.


Better Nights. Brighter Days.

Hear from other Lofta clients who’ve reclaimed their rest.

Alexis B.
Better sleep, better me.

This has helped me so much!! Not only has it helped my sleep but I’m not as irritable and I feel better overall. It comes with everything you need to get started and the Lofta staff is always just a call away to help.

Jonathan A.
The thing I never knew I needed.

After getting my cpap I have been sleeping better and longer and wake up feeling more rested with more energy!

Kristin F.
This machine changed my life!

I didn’t realize the poor quality of my sleep, not to mention the danger I was in... I was tired all the time and had very low energy, I am now sleeping through the night and getting high quality sleep…and I’m not fatigued all day long. This machine is amazing!


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