Shaq and 4 Other Celebrities with Sleep Apnea

Shaquille O'neal aka Shaq dunking in a Lakers uniform sleep apnea

Myth: celebrities and athletes are superhuman

The truth is, many of them are just like us. Despite their status, these 5 celebrities suffer from some form of sleep apnea.


There are 2 types of sleep apnea. Obstructive sleep apnea is when your airways are physically blocked and don't allow oxygen to flow freely. And central sleep apnea is a disorder in which your brain isn't sending the proper breathing signals. Both will significantly affect the quality of your sleep and your overall health. It's been linked to weight gain, diabetes, stroke, hypertension, heart disease and a number of other conditions. 


While there are surgical options, non-invasive CPAP therapy brings relief to many who suffer from sleep apnea. To learn more about how to take an at-home sleep test and how to get diagnosed, click here

Shaquille O'neal aka Shaq

shaquille o'neal aka shaq holding a basketball

Credit: Forbes

NBA Hall-of-Famer, Shaquille O’neal, was diagnosed with sleep apnea back in 2011 through the Harvard Medical School’s Division of Sleep Medicine. Not only was Shaq snoring, but he was frequently seen gasping for air during the middle of the night. This prompted his visit and subsequent CPAP therapy. Even Superman has his Kryptonite. 

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Amy Poehler

Credit: IMDB

Comedian, actress, and writer, Amy Poehler isn't joking about sleep apnea. Since becoming a mother, Poehler notes in her memoir, Yes Please, that she once even dozed off while still standing with her eyes open. According to her sleep study, she had 20-30 episodes in which she was awoken during the night. Since then, she's become an advocate for CPAP therapy and the significant impact it's had on her. Poehler says "Sleep helps you win at life".

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Randy Jackson


Credit: @Randyjackson (Instagram)

TV personality & musician, Randy Jackson, suffers from OSA as well as type-2 diabetes. After being diagnosed, Jackson has lost a significant amount of weight along his journey to better health. 


Rosie O'Donnell

Credit: The Wilbur

Comedian and TV personality, Rosie O'Donnell, went on the View and talked in-depth about her experience with a home sleep test, her shocking diagnosis, and the results of her CPAP therapy. 

To learn more about how to take a home sleep test, click here

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Prince Fielder

Prince Fielder of the Detroit Tigers

Credit: The New York Times

In 2016, 6-time MLB all-star, Prince Fielder, was diagnosed with obstructive sleep apnea. In his sleep study, he recorded about 39 episodes per hour in which he stopped breathing. At the time, Fielder reported he'd been pleased with the results he received while undergoing CPAP therapy. 

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