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The Circle+ Smart Ring monitors blood oxygen levels, heart rate and oxygen desaturation index which is important for Sleep Apnea patients.
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The Circul+ smart ring is an award-winning sleep and fitness smart ring that features accurate, high-end health monitoring of your heart rate, finger temperature and blood oxygen levels.Check it out!

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What is the Circul+ Sleep and Fitness Smart Ring and what can it do?

The Circul+ smart ring is developed by BodiMetrics and is an award-winning sleep and fitness smart ring. It's the only smart ring currently on the market that features accurate, high-end health monitoring of your heart rate, finger temperature, and blood oxygen levels and caters for all skin tones. While in use, it'll monitor daytime activity as well as up to 12 hours of continuous sleep data.

Using physiological parameters like blood oxygen saturation, and real-time heart rate data, this wearable health monitor device makes a great companion if you're looking to track your health and the perfect Sleep Apnea monitoring device. This Smart Ring device can actually help to show you how effective your Sleep Apnea Therapy is.
The Circul+ is designed to provide you with real-time monitoring and feedback on your health and fitness, which helps you to make adjustments to your daily routine to improve your overall wellness and health. Using its advanced sensors and algorithms to provide accurate and reliable data, the data can be synced with a mobile app, so you can access your health and fitness information on your phone, tablet, or computer. The app is available on both iOS and Android devices.

In 2020, the Circul+ Smart Health Ring was awarded a Red Dot: Best of the Best Award, which is the highest honor in the Red Dot Award for Product Design.

How does it differ from other fitness smart rings?

There are many smart ring options currently available on the market today. But what makes the Circul+ so different? Here are 4 key differences of the Circul+ while comparing it against other smart rings:

  • Adjustable design - can easily fit on any finger and comes in sizes:
    Small (5 to 9)
    Large (9.5 to 12)
    Extra Large (9.5 to 13.5)
    The adjustable functionality of the Circul+ ensures a perfect fit for everyone no matter your finger size or shape
  • Tested to be highly accurate - The Circul+ is an FDA approved device
  • True oximetry - tracks blood oxygen levels (SpO2)
  • Sleep Apnea detection - tracks blood oxygen saturation levels (ODI) which also makes it perfect for monitoring heart disease
  • Has the ability to capture 4 stages of sleep - Awake, Light, Deep & REM Sleep.
  • Shareable data - data recorded on the app shares easily with trainers, doctors and healthcare providers. The app is available on both the Google PlayStore and the Apple AppStore.
    The app also has an alarm functionality should low oxygen levels be detected.
  • The Circul+ is the first smart ring to travel into space with Blue Origin passenger Jim Kitchen. He chose the Circul+ Smart Ring because he wanted an “an efficient and accurate way to measure his body's stress response as he experienced space flight for the first time”. Read the full article here.

How easy is it to set up and use the Circul+ Sleep Ring?

The Circul+ is a convenient health and sleep monitor as it’s very easy to set up and use.

Follow the easy setup steps below to get started using the Circul+ Smart Ring:

  • Start by unpacking the Circul+ Smart Ring from its packaging and charge it immediately by using either the USB power charger or connecting it to your PC with the provided USB cable.
  • Once the Circul+ is fully charged, the next step is to download the Circul+ mobile app from either the Apple AppStore or GooglePlay Store depending on which device you have.
  • Register your app and sign in by following the on screen instructions on your mobile device.
  • Place the Circul+ Smart Ring on your finger of choice (the device is a pulmonary ring that can work on any finger). Please refer to either the video on your mobile app or Quick Start Guide for proper fitment should you require it.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions on your Circul+ mobile app and pair it to your app via bluetooth.
  • You are now ready to begin monitoring your heart rate, steps, calories burned, blood oxygenation (SpO2), sleep stages and skin temperature.
  • Tap on either Exercise, Daytime or Sleep mode buttons to begin monitoring your vitals.
  • Once you have finished your monitoring for the day, you are able to sync your data to a personal cloud account and the data will be available for download to your PC.

    Currently, another smart ring that is making waves in the market is the Oura Smart Ring. View a full comparison chart of the Circul+ vs the Oura ring.

    The Circul+ Smart Ring is available now at

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