Have you ever seen yourself sleep?

- By Lofta
Have you ever seen yourself sleep?
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By Lofta
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After seeing himself "basically drowning" in his sleep, John became a life-long CPAP user.

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After seeing himself "basically drowning" in his sleep, John became a life-long CPAP user 


It took John only 60 seconds to realize he'll never go without his CPAP machine again. After watching some shocking footage of himself "basically drowning" as he gasped for air, he had seen enough. What he saw even brought him to tears. 

 Like millions of Americans, he suffers from sleep apnea. And in a study done by Mark Aloia, PhD, and sleep expert at the National Jewish Health Center, John watched a disturbing video of himself suffering from the disorder. 

What is OSA? 

Obstructive sleep apnea, or OSA, is a sleep disorder caused by blocked airways. This can leave some without air for 10 seconds at time. What's even more shocking is that this can happen to patients with severe OSA as many as 30 times per hour.

Can it be treated?

To combat this, CPAP therapy can be implemented to give a continuous flow of oxygen through the night. Some are troubled by the machine noise, or can't seem to get adjusted to wearing a face mask. But in John's case, he only needed to watch himself once to know that he'll never sleep again without it. 


Watch the full video here

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