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Lofta is pleased to offer ResMed’s AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP mask. This is part of the “Freedom” category from ResMed due to the freedom of movement the tube-up design offers. Our review evaluates the pros and cons of this popular mask.

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Lofta is focused on offering the best collection of CPAP masks for those who are treating Sleep Apnea. Lofta is pleased to offer ResMed’s AirFit P30i Nasal Pillow CPAP mask. This CPAP mask is part of the “Freedom” category from ResMed due to the freedom of movement that the mask’s tube-up design offers. Our Airfit P30i review will offer an overall perspective of this premium CPAP mask and if it is the right choice for you.


An overview of the AirFit P30i

The AirFit P30i is a nasal pillow mask with a top-of-head connection that is designed to keep your CPAP tubing out of sight and out of your way, allowing you to maneuver comfortably and sleep in any position you want during therapy.

The slip-on design makes the Airfit P30i easy to put on and remove at any time. With its one-size-fits-all headgear, it is designed for minimal touch points on the face and connects to the mask frame from the back of the head, minimizing facial contact. Additionally, the quick release elbow allows you to disconnect without the hassle of removing your whole mask when needing to get up at night.

The P30i’s silicone pillow cushion is comfortable, easy to fit and stays securely in place due to its unique streamlined design. Lastly, ResMed's trademarked QuietAir vent technology reduces sound to quieter than a soft whisper


Which is better? The P30i or the N30i CPAP mask?

A popular question that is often asked is “Which is better? The AirFit P30i or the N30i?”. These are both fantastic CPAP masks by ResMed and choosing the better mask usually comes down to a user’s personal preference.

We will explain the similarities and differences between the two. Firstly many people ask, “Are the P30i and N30i masks interchangeable?” Yes they are. If you're already using one of these masks, you can simply switch to the other cushion, allowing for maximum flexibility and comfort.

Both masks share the same headgear, strap, and elbow connection point, but what sets them apart is their unique cushion design.

With the AirFit P30i, the cushion forms a secure seal inside your nostrils, while the AirFit N30i creates a seal underneath your nostrils. It has also been reported that the P30i is the quieter of the two when in operation during sleep therapy.


Our Impressions of the AirFit P30i


  • Tube-up attachment with 360-degree swivel allows for more freedom of movement when wearing the AirFit P30i CPAP mask. Also allows for an open field of view. Suitable for restless or active sleepers.
  • Multiple Sizing Options: Lofta offers the AirFit P30i in a Standard Frame with a small, medium and large option. For people with a smaller head size, we also offer the P30i a smaller frame and small or medium cushion option.
  • Springfit Frame Provides a Custom, Comfortable Fit by stretching, flexing and adapting to movement during the night to provide a stable fit even for the most active sleepers.
  • Quiet performance during sleep therapy due to ResMed’s QuietAir™ Vent Technology. This mask feature breaks up exhaled air for a quieter and gentler airflow.
  • Easy to maintain and clean. There are only three parts to clean on the AirFit P30i.
  • Minimalistic design allows for clear line of sight (can wear glasses).
  • Not made with rubber latex and is DEHP, Phthalate Free and PVC.


  • If you require higher CPAP pressures, you may want to explore our nasal style masks which cover your nose rather than a pillow or cradle style mask.
  • If you tend to be a “mouth breather” or are frequently congested, you may want to explore our family of full-face CPAP masks or hybrid full masks so that you can breathe either from your nose and/or mouth.
  • Some individuals prefer not to have a cushion in their nostrils.
  • Unfortunately, it is not compatible with the popular ResMed AirMini Travel CPAP device.

AirFit P30i is perfect for:

  • CPAP users who are active in their sleep and sleep in various positions during sleep therapy.
  • Users who would like to read or watch TV before bed.
  • Users with sensitive skin, the minimalistic design of the AirFit P30i minimizes facial skin contact, and the cushion is soft and comfortable, reducing skin irritation often experienced with other masks.


    Our final thoughts

    We highly recommend the AirFit P30i mask. Offering exceptional sleep therapy performance, an unobstructed field of view, the innovative Springfit Frame, effortless maintenance, and whisper-quiet operation, the P30i stands as the ultimate choice. We hope that our AirFit P30i review has helped guide you in making the right decision.

    For personalized assistance in selecting the perfect CPAP mask, reach out to us via email or speak with our knowledgeable Sleep Champions at 800-698-8000.

    Experience the ResMed AirFit P30i Nasal Mask exclusively at, your trusted source for premium sleep apnea solutions. Explore our range of superior CPAP masks and find the one that resonates with you. Elevate your sleep experience with Lofta.


    Important reminder

    Lofta emphasizes the importance of cleaning your CPAP supplies - particularly your CPAP mask. An independent study commissioned by ResMed identified that 6 out of 10 CPAP users reported improved sleep after replacing their supplies regularly. At Lofta, we recommend replacing your mask cushion every 1-2 months and the complete mask every 6 months.

    An easy, hassle-free method to manage your cushion and mask replacement is to set up recurring orders with our WorryFree Resupply subscription service.

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