AirFit™ N30 Review: The Comfortable and Effective CPAP Mask You Need for Better Sleep

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In this article, Lofta investigates and reviews the highly rated AirFit™ N30 Nasal CPAP mask. Regarded as one of ResMed's lightest CPAP masks ever, is it comfortable and effective during Sleep Apnea therapy? Read more to find out.

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Lofta is focused on offering the best variety and collection of CPAP masks for those who are diagnosed with and treating Sleep Apnea. We review CPAP products of the highest quality and standards and are therefore pleased to offer ResMed’s AirFit N30 Nasal Cradle mask.  This CPAP mask is part of the “Minimalist” category from ResMed due to the simple design, easy to size cushion and slip-on headgear. The ResMed AirFit N30 is considered one of the most comfortable, non-intrusive CPAP masks currently available on the market. Our AirFit N30 review will help you make an educated decision if this CPAP mask is the right choice for you.

Lofta's evaluation of the AirFit N30 CPAP mask

The AirFit N30 by ResMed is an under-the-nose or cradle CPAP nasal mask that is designed to fit easily right from the package and is currently the lightest mask in ResMed’s portfolio.

The comfortable AirFit N30 headgear features an elastic made with QuickFit™ technology that makes it simple to put on and hassle-free to adjust during sleep therapy.

As the name suggests, the soft, curved cradle of the AirFit N30 cushion conforms to the nose, seals great and helps to minimize irritation inside the nostrils. It also helps prevent unwanted mask leaks.

AirFit N30 Pros:

  • Minimalist, open view design makes this CPAP mask great for users who suffer from claustrophobia, as well as providing the user with an unobstructed field of vision.
  • Requires minimal coordination and dexterity when putting on or adjusting the AirFit N30.
  • The AirFit N30 is easy to maintain and clean on a daily or weekly basis.
  • Extremely comfortable to wear and use during Sleep Apnea therapy.
  • Due to its advanced design, it is extremely quiet during operation, allowing for peaceful, uninterrupted sleep. QuietAir™ Technology is diffused venting designed to break up exhaled air, so it’s spread out lightly, minimizing sleep disruptions.

AirFit N30 Cons:

  • In some instances, the front-end tube connection can lead to pulling your mask to one side or the other when shifting sleeping positions.
  • The AirFit N30 may not be the best option for a CPAP mask if you require pressures greater than 15 cm H20.

AirFit N30 is perfect for:

  • Individuals who tend to sleep on their side and/or wear glasses.
  • CPAP users who cannot tolerate nasal pillow masks.
  • Patients that suffer from claustrophobia.

How to fit and use this mask

The AirFit N30 nasal mask is ultra light and comfortable to use which also makes it easier than ever to manage as well.

We have included step-by-step guides on how to correctly fit the mask in the links below:

Ref: AirFit User Guide - Page 4

Video Ref: Fitting the AirFit N30 Nasal Cradle CPAP Mask

CPAP Mask and Equipment Maintenance

Lofta emphasizes the importance of cleaning your CPAP supplies - particularly your mask. Optimal hygiene ensures optimal sleep therapy results. We recommend replacing your mask cushion every 1-2 months and the complete mask assembly every 6 months or as needed depending on the condition of your mask.

An easy, hassle-free method to manage your cushion and mask replacement is to set up recurring orders with Lofta’s subscription service.

Additionally, for our AirSense and AirCurve users, Lofta has introduced a WorryFree Resupply subscription service that will send you filters, tubing and a water chamber when you need them, either on demand, or as a subscription.

Final thoughts on the AirFit N30

Lofta highly recommends the AirFit N30 Nasal mask. It is ultra light, comfortably cradles your nose and is one of the quietest masks when in operation due to ResMed’s QuietAir™ Technology. We hope that you have found our AirFit N30 review helpful.

Should you require any further assistance in choosing the right CPAP mask, please contact us via email or have a chat with one of our Sleep Champions by calling 800-698-8000.

The ResMed AirFit N30 Nasal Mask is now available at

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