CPAP Prescription Remote Renewal Options

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CPAP Prescription Remote Renewal Options
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One frequently asked question of our customer -- how do I renew my CPAP prescription if I’ve lost my old Rx?  Do I have to go through a sleep test again to renew my Rx?  

Many CPAP users get a prescription, start CPAP therapy, and then either lose the Rx or it expires.  With a good CPAP machine sometimes lasting 10 years, it’s no wonder that you might lose the prescription.

Remote prescription renewal is available for existing CPAP users and is a great help if your prescription is lost or expired.  No need for another sleep test or more doctors visits. 

Lofta offers the RxExpress service for existing CPAP users who can attest that they are active CPAP users and did have a prescription in the past.  After a telemedicine visit with a board certified sleep physician, your prescription can be renewed.

There are some basic guidelines to keep in mind for remote Rx renewal.  Remote renewal isn’t a good option for the following:

  • Clients intending to use insurance to pay for device or supplies.  Insurance companies often have their own Rx process that they need followed.
  • Clients who report that CPAP therapy has lost some effectiveness over time
  • Clients who have over 25% change in body weight (weight gain or loss can cause changes in therapy)
  • Clients who have developed significant medical issues since their last prescription, such as a stroke, heart disease, or long disease

Remote prescription renewal, like RxExpress, is ideal for patients who are active CPAP users, comfortable on therapy, and have relatively stable general health.  It’s a great way to avoid additional doctors office visits or additional unnecessary testing.

A recent RxExpress client, Clint offered the following review:

“I have been on CPAP therapy for 10 years.  It was time to upgrade my device, but I’ve long since lost the prescription.  I called Lofta.  With RxExpress, I had my Rx renewed the same day and my new CPAP device shipped the following day.

RxExpress saved me time, money and headache. Thanks Lofta!”

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