Vitera and Evora Mask Review: Two new high-performance options from F&P

Vitera and Evora Mask Review: Two new high-performance options from F&P

Lofta is focused on offering the best collection of CPAP masks for those who are treating Sleep Apnea.  Lofta has included two new and innovative CPAP masks from Fisher & Paykel in the Lofta collection, the Vitera (Full-Face)  and the Evora (Nasal).

The Vitera

The Vitera full face mask was designed to maximize seal across multiple sleep positions and movement. Fisher & Paykel created a mask that moves and adapts to you, regardless of sleeping position.

This is made possible due to F&P’s RollFit XT seal and much improved stability bar. The Vitera cushion extends 93% further resulting in less pressure on the bridge of your nose and more importantly retains a seal throughout the night. 

In addition to the RollFit XT seal, the F&P Vitera full face mask features a breathable headgear with their proprietary VentiCool technology that helps to keep you cool and comfortable at night. 


  • Maintains a great seal / Easy to adjust
  • DIfficult to over tighten 
  • Breathable VentiCool technology keeps you cool at night.


  • Robust/bulky
  • Stability bar reduces line of sight 

Vitera is perfect for: 

  • Mouthbreathers
  • Individuals who suffer from chronic nasal congestion
  • User who requires higher CPAP pressures

Lofta sleep coaches find clients love the Vitera if a traditional full-face mask puts too much pressure on the bridge of the nose.  

The Evora

The Evora is a new mask design from Fisher & Paykel that uses their proprietary CapFit system. It’s designed to be a minimalistic nasal mask that still provides a good seal while sleeping.  

The CapFit design means that the headgear is rigid and extremely easy to adjust like a snapback hat -- it can be taken on and off with one hand. 

The cushion itself is a soft silicone nasal cradle which sits comfortably under the nose. Some other key features to note is minimized noise and draft due to improved design in the exhaust holes as well as a super comfortable soft-knit headgear which minimizes marks on your face.

Overall, the F&P Evora mask allows freedom of movement while maintaining a high level of comfort.


  • Easy to fit and quiet
  • Simple to put on and remove
  • Floating seal and stability wings will retain seal


  • Not ideal for users who find it hard to breath through your nose
  • May require a chin strap if you find you are oral (mouth) venting 

Evora is perfect for: 

  • Clients with facial hair
  • Active sleepers
  • Clients who feel claustrophobic in full masks

Lofta sleep coaches recommend this mask often for clients that want a light-weight mask that can be taken on and off easily.

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