AirMini™: How to Set Up Your Device

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Watch as we unpack and set up the ResMed AirMini™ with both the F20 and N20 mask systems. You'll learn what's included in the box, how to pair via bluetooth and how to properly connect the mask.

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Embark on an insightful journey with us as we meticulously unpack and set up the cutting-edge ResMed AirMini™, seamlessly integrating it with both the F20 and N20 mask systems. In this comprehensive guide, we delve into the contents of the package, offering a detailed exploration of the components that come with this innovative device. Follow along as we demonstrate the intricacies of pairing the ResMed AirMini™ with your chosen mask system via Bluetooth, providing you with a hands-on understanding of the seamless connectivity options. Moreover, gain valuable insights into the proper techniques for connecting the mask, ensuring a secure and effective fit. Join us in this step-by-step walkthrough, empowering you with the knowledge to optimize your ResMed AirMini™ experience from unboxing to full setup.

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