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Welcome back to "CPAP Couples"! In our second installment, we tackle a topic that's crucial for many couples: encouraging your partner to get tested for sleep apnea. Join us as we continue our journey with the Kelley Family, who share their insights and experiences in navigating this important conversation.

🌟 *Episode 2: Encouraging Your Partner to Get Tested* In this episode, we explore the challenges and strategies involved in encouraging your partner to undergo sleep apnea testing. The Kelley Family shares their own journey of broaching the subject, offering valuable tips and encouragement for couples facing similar situations.

πŸ›Œ *What to Expect in the Episode* - Honest discussions about the importance of sleep health - Strategies for approaching the topic sensitively and effectively - Personal anecdotes and reflections from the Kelley Family's experience

🀝 *Connect with Us* Share your own tips and stories in the comments below. Let's support each other in encouraging our partners to prioritize their sleep health!

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