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On-The-Go Therapy With AirMini™.

Take your Sleep Apnea treatment to new places with AirMini™ Travel CPAP. This powerful machine fits neatly in a carry-on so therapy always works and fits comfortably into your lifestyle.

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“Amazing customer service that made me feel comfortable in investing into a life changing machine.”

Anubhav G., Lofta client

Comfort Is Key.

Finding a CPAP mask that fits comfortably and properly is a critical factor in sticking with sleep apnea therapy. Everyone breathes and sleeps differently, so our 30-day CPAP mask exchange policy makes certain that you get the right mask for you, ensuring optimal results during Sleep Apnea Therapy.

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“Love this mask. Allows you to sleep in almost any position without the mask being an issue.”

Jessie M., Lofta client

Better Sleep Is Possible.

Yes, for you too. Let us help you get started.

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The At-Home Sleep Apnea Test Makes It Simple.

You can start reclaiming your rest during sleep in less than a week. Our home sleep study includes screening, testing, and diagnosis. Save time and money without the need of traveling to and staying overnight at a sleep lab.

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The Lofta Difference.

Our approach to treating sleep apnea streamlines the process to give you more of what’s going to help you rest easy.

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