ResMed AirFit™ N20 Nasal Mask Setup Pack for AirMini™ Travel CPAP

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The AirMini™ Mask Setup Pack for the AirFit™ N20 Nasal CPAP Mask is a unique, pre-assembled CPAP tubing kit that includes a long breathing tube with a specialized elbow adapter that allows you to attach the ResMed N20 Nasal Mask to the AirMini™ Portable CPAP Machine. The connector twists apart to insert one of the included HumidX™ or HumidX™ Plus cartridges, which sits between  the mask and the AirMini™ that will provide convenient waterless humidification.

The AirMini N20 setup pack also includes an N20 mask connector, tubing and waterless humidification - HumidX™ for average conditions and HumidX™ Plus for extremely dry conditions, including aircraft cabins, areas in colder climates and higher altitude locations. Humidification will definitely help to improve your sleep apnea therapy experience. 

One standard HumidX™ and one HumidX™ Plus humidifier cartridge are included with this setup pack. HumidX™ Humidifiers sit directly between the mask and machine to provide effective humidification without the need for additional water.

This specific setup pack is also compatible with the AirFit™ N20 Headgear.

Please note the AirMini N20 setup pack does NOT include the mask. This will need to be purchased separately. The ResMed Airfit™ N20 Nasal CPAP Mask is available separately here.

SKU # 38823

*Magnets used in this product could impact certain medical devices. Please consult the ResMed manufacturer's guidelines for more information.

Everything you need to know about the AirMini Setup Pack for AirFit N20.

ActiveAir™ Venting Technology

A new product design that helps to boost the efficiency of the AirFit™ N20 Nasal CPAP Mask

Integrated HumidX™

This setup package includes HumidX™ and the HumidX™ Plus humidifier cartridges. HumidX™ provides the best waterless humidifier experience possible

Comfort with wide view design

The materials used in this setup pack are made from silicone elastomer which is soft and very comfortable. The N20 mask also provides you with an open, spacious view that helps prevent claustrophobia

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Sleep Therapy Simplified

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