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*You must have been diagnosed within the past 10 years and must be currently using CPAP device to qualify for RxExpress.

RxExpress is the easy online CPAP prescription solution from Lofta for anyone seeking to renew an existing or lost CPAP prescription quickly. No more in-person visits to the doctor are required and that includes unnecessary tracking down of your past paperwork. You just need to complete a simple questionnaire and your renewal CPAP Rx will be digitally sent to you. Now you can get your CPAP device, masks or supplies online with minimal fuss as opposed to conventional methods. At the end of the day, all of us here at Lofta truly care about you and your health. 

The RxExpress service from Lofta creates the opportunity for you to have an engagement with a licensed physician to obtain a renewal prescription for CPAP therapy by filling in a prescription form online. $35 of the proceeds collected from you for this program is forwarded to the physician group. The issuance of this online renewal prescription requires the discretion of a licensed physician and Lofta does not engage in the practice of medicine. In this regard, your relationship under this program is between yourself and the licensed physician assigned and Lofta is not a party involved in this relationship. 

Using RxExpress and receiving a CPAP prescription online under this program in no way limits your right to choose where you obtain your medical products and services from and Lofta has no anticipation or expectation of benefiting financially or otherwise from your participation in this program. If the physician is unable to issue a renewal prescription to you when using RxExpress, 100% of the money that you have paid will be promptly refunded.

PLEASE NOTE: This service is excluded from all Lofta promotions.

Everything you need to know about the RxExpress Online CPAP Prescription Renewal Service by Lofta.

Replace expired or lost Rx

Do you need to purchase a new CPAP device or supplies but your CPAP Rx prescription is expired and outdated? No problem. Let Lofta help you renew your prescription online in no time.

No doctor office visits required

Lofta can save you time and money by putting you in touch with a licensed physician that can assist you online, all from the comfort of your own home. Simply submit your RxExpress Renewal Assessment form.

Possible CPAP Rx renewals on the same day

At Lofta, you and your health are our number 1 priority. Our highly skilled team will be able to assist you quickly and efficiently and once approved by your assigned doctor, it’s possible that your CPAP Rx will be delivered to you digitally on the same day. Please note that this turnaround time is dependent on when we receive your submission form.

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