Will Insurance Cover Your Travel CPAP Machine?

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Will Insurance Cover Your Travel CPAP Machine?
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They are usually NOT covered by insurance. Here's why...

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Written by Scott Baylon

December 12, 2023

If you have a CPAP machine to manage your sleep apnea, you may have heard of mini versions of your bedside unit. These travel CPAPs are tiny in size, but powerful!

Whether you travel frequently for work, are going on vacation, or just want the peace of mind your CPAP brings you when you're away from home, travel CPAPs are a great solution!

But, they are usually NOT covered by insurance. Here's why:

Why Insurance May Not Cover Travel CPAP Machines:

1. Not Considered Essential:

Travel CPAP machines are often perceived as optional accessories rather than essential medical devices. Insurance companies may prioritize coverage for items deemed necessary for the primary management of a medical condition, and a travel CPAP might fall outside this scope.

2. Cost Considerations:

Insurance providers may be reluctant to cover travel CPAP machines due to cost considerations. Portable devices are typically just as expensive in comparison to their standard counterparts, and insurers may view them as luxury items rather than critical medical equipment.

3. Varied Policies:

Insurance policies can vary widely between providers and even within different plans from the same provider. Some policies may explicitly exclude coverage for travel CPAP machines, while others might provide partial reimbursement or coverage under specific circumstances.

What are your options?

1. Verification with Your Provider:

Before assuming that your insurance won't cover a travel CPAP machine, contact your insurance provider directly. Ask about the specific coverage details and any potential reimbursement options for portable devices.

2. Cash-Pay/E-commerce Sites

There are a handful of sites where you can buy travel CPAP machines like traditional ecommerce items. At Lofta, you can find a few different travel devices like the AirMini™, The Z2 Auto, and the Transcend Micro CPAP. Plus, any devices can be shipped out with 2-day shipping which is often much, much quicker than going through insurance. 
In addition, Lofta offers a few different payment options including credit cards, debit cards, FSA/HSA cards, and payment plans through Affirm.