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This Doctor to the Olympians shares top ways to sleep better.

July 27, 2021

This doctor helps Olympians with their sleep. Here are his tips to sleep like a champion.

An article shared to ABC News speaks on the implementation of a sleep director for the U.S. Weightlifting team. 

" Dr. Jeffrey Durmer is Chief Medical Officer of Nox Health and a neuroscientist who specializes in sleep. Since 2013, he has been helping athletes in various sports as a sleep consultant to optimize their performance through sleep programs. This year, he is one of the first staff members on an Olympic team that solely specializes in sleep."

At Lofta, we, too, believe that sleep is an integral part of overall wellness and are encouraged to see articles that promote the benefits of sleep. The article went on the outline a few tips to sleep like a winner! 

1. Simplify your routine: Create a bedtime for yourself that offers you at least 8 hours to sleep and set an alarm to remind you. Slow down 30-45 minutes before sleep by practicing a simple calming behavior such as meditation, reading, stretching or anything that helps you "settle.”

2. Use your own biology to your advantage: A cool core improves sleep. Lower your body temperature before sleep by taking a warm shower or bath, then rapidly cooling your body in the air. Activate your parasympathetic nervous system to fall asleep faster using meditative "belly" breathing exercises before sleep.

3. Eliminate before you add: Reduce the amount of technology, devices and non-sleep-related objects in your sleep space. View your sleep space as a sleep sanctuary where nothing's allowed in that's not for sleep. The same thing goes for sleep aids or supplements. Don't add anything until you've eliminated light, noise, heat, bed discomfort or objects that stimulate wakefulness.

Read the rest of the article here and the sleep tips to help you be your best and win the day - and night.