At Home Sleep Apnea Study.
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No lab visit is necessary. After just one night of sleep in your own bed, our simple-to-use home sleep test can tell us if CPAP therapy is right for you.

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Sleep Testing Made Simple.

Brief telemedicine video chat to approve your home sleep test. This video chat is generally brief, but it is required for the independent medical practice to review your medical history form and approve the prescription for the home sleep test. In some cases, co-morbid conditions or risk factors may be discussed and the content of this call is at the discretion of the healthcare professional, however, generally this call is less than 5 minutes.

Take the sleep study test at home with the WatchPAT™ One device and app.

Your doctor will review your results and you will receive a personal sleep report including recommendations.

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Our medical team ensures accuracy, and if they need a retest, it's free.

Immediate access to CPAP Therapy with Lofta's at home sleep study.

“I found this test to be easy to perform. I’m one step away from treating my sleep apnea within weeks, not months.”

Maria H., Lofta client

Lofta’s Home Sleep Study With Everything You Need.

WatchPAT One disposable home sleep apnea test by Lofta.

Advanced Tech For At-Home Testing

The easy-to-use, FDA-approved WatchPAT™ One from Itamar Medical can give a full picture of your sleep health in one night.


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A Comprehensive & Personalized Sleep Report For You

The details of your home sleep test are explained in an easy-to-follow format. See how you slept, and what the doctor recommends.

True Sleep Time
Respiratory Disturbance Index
Apnea-Hypopnea Index
Oxygen Desaturation Index
Sleep Pulse Statistics
Snoring Statistics
Body Position Statistics
Sleep Stage Statistics

The Right Here, Right Now Rx.

If you receive a sleep apnea diagnosis, you’ll have the doctor’s CPAP prescription for sleep apnea therapy instantly. Starting treatment is just a few clicks away.

Immediate access to CPAP Therapy with Lofta’s at home sleep study.

Your Sleep Study Questions Answered

Chat or call now to go over any questions you have about the at-home sleep test.

70% of sleep cases are undiagnosed Most people living with this serious condition don’t even know it.

A Sleep Test Could Save Your Life.

Sleep apnea can lead to many serious health conditions. Reduce the risk of heart disease, stroke, depression, and other health risks by getting tested and treated as soon as you can.

Get The At-Home Sleep Apnea Test Today.

You can reclaim your test in less than a week. Includes screening, testing, and diagnosis. Save money and time compared to the sleep lab.

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The Easy Alternative To Sleep Labs.

Comparing home testing to the dated lab model, the difference is clear.

In-Lab Sleep Study

Expensive. Intrusive. Multiple visits. Most of all, so uncomfortable you may not sleep well.

At Home Sleep Study

One night’s rest in your own bed tells your doctor everything they need to know about your regular sleep patterns.


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