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We all know how important it is to keep your CPAP equipment sanitized and clean to prevent bacteria buildup and to ensure optimal sleep apnea therapy. Introducing the CPAP Cleaning Basics Bundle Kit by Lofta.

This CPAP cleaning kit has been put together by the sleep health professionals at Lofta and offers everything that you will ever need to keep your CPAP equipment and accessories well maintained and sanitized. 

This CPAP cleaning kit includes:

The high quality everyday
CPAP mask and tube cleaning wipes are perfect for everyday cleaning of your CPAP device, masks, hoses and all other related accessories. They are made from 100% pure cotton and are perfect for the effective removal of dirt, grease, oils and any other organic residue from your equipment. The same can be said about the CPAP mask and hose soap that is included in this kit. This soap helps to make cleaning even easier and comes in a colorless, odorless form. Both of these items contain no harmful chemicals and are 100% safe to use as they are made from organic ingredients.

And finally, included in this cleaning kit, is the CPAP Premium Hose Cleaning Brush. This brush has soft nylon bristles which is designed to gently clean your CPAP tubing and offers flexibility at the same time, allowing the brush to effectively reach and clean all irregular angles found within your CPAP hose.

All of these great CPAP cleaning items are included together in this cost effective bundle to help you save money instead of having to buy everything separately, and costing more in the long run.

    Everything you need to know about the Lofta Cleaning Basics Bundle.

    CPAP Mask & Tube Cleaning Wipes

    The CPAP mask wipes are gentle on the skin and effective at cleansing. Made from 100% pure cotton, the wipes are made with only natural ingredients from plant extracts. They contain no harmful chemicals and residue and are perfect for those with sensitive skin

    CPAP Mask & Hose Soap

    This soap is designed to make cleaning your CPAP equipment easier than ever. The soap is colorless and odorless, so you can simply wash and rinse your equipment and not have to worry about any harmful residue or odor left behind

    CPAP Premium Hose Cleaning Brush

    The safe and easy way to clean your CPAP tubing and hoses. This brush is 6 feet long and can be inserted into each end of the tubing to conveniently clean standard, heated and slim CPAP hoses. The soft nylon bristles scrub the tubing interiors clean without causing scratches or damage

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