ResMed HumidX™ F20 Waterless Humidifier Cartridges for F20 CPAP Mask

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Introducing HumidX™which is ResMed’s innovative standard waterless humidification system for most climates and sleep environments.

These HumidX™ F20 cartridges come in a package of either three or six units of the standard HumidX™ specifically for F20 masks (AirFit™ F20 and AirTouch™ F20 full face mask range) and the AirMini™ Travel CPAP Machine. Being exclusive to the AirMini™ travel CPAP machine, HumidX™ cartridges are small heat and moisture exchangers (HME) that are designed to provide comfortable and effective humidification without the added necessity for distilled water.

How it works is innovative yet simple. During CPAP therapy when a user breathes, moisture and heat from every exhale of your breath is captured within the heat and moisture exchanger’s (HME) tiny paper ridges. Upon inhalation, the already captured heat and moisture is released once again to provide warm and comfortable air supply throughout the night. 

The beauty of HumidX™ is that it is extremely light and portable, non-obtrusive, convenient and very easy to use as there’s no more need to carry around an additional humidifier or extra distilled bottles with you. Due to this, no additional power is needed either.

Please note that HumidX™ F20 is only compatible with the AirFit™ F20 and AirTouch™ F20 masks and associated AirMini™ F20 setup packs that are required to use the AirMini™ Travel device.

HumidX™ cartridges should be replaced every 30-days after opening and use. The cartridges are disposable and are non-washable.

So if you are looking for a waterless humidifier option without having to deal with all the mess and fuss of water spillage and leaks and you have an F20 CPAP mask with an AirMini™ portable CPAP device, we highly recommend trying out these  HumidX™ cartridges for an even better sleep apnea therapy experience.

Everything you need to know about the ResMed HumidX™ F20 Waterless Humidifier Cartridges for F20 CPAP Mask.

Innovative Waterless Humidification

ResMed’s HumidX™ HME technology is innovative and effective and provides the ultimate convenience for people by no longer having the need to carry around an additional humidifier, distilled bottles of water or require any access to additional power

Compatibility and long term use

These HumidX™ F20 waterless humidification cartridges are compatible and designed specifically for the AirFit™ F20 and AirTouch™ F20 mask range to be used with the ResMed AirMini™ Travel CPAP device. These HME’s can be used for up to 30 days and then should be replaced.

Portable and easy to travel with

HumidX™ F20 cartridges are extremely lightweight and can sit comfortably in the palm of your hand, leaving a light footprint when traveling. There’s also no more need to carry around big bottles of distilled water for effective humidification during your CPAP therapy or the need for an additional humidifier device.

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