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DreamStation 2 Auto CPAP Advanced with Humidifier

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Tired of struggling to get a good night’s rest? Then why not have a look at the Philips Respironics DreamStation 2 Auto Advanced CPAP machine. The DreamStation 2 is a sleek, portable and sophisticated sleep apnea machine that offers easy, efficient setup and personalized comfort settings that guarantee better sleep each and every night. Plus, its state-of-the-art Ramp Plus technology prevents those uncomfortable nights of disrupted breathing, making it easier than ever to relax and drift off into dreamland.

This machine is so user friendly – simply take it out of the box and follow the default steps presented on the LCD display screen. If you don’t want to mess with lots of technical settings; this intelligent device takes care of everything for you. Plus, your physician can remotely personalize your comfort settings through Care Orchestrator for even better experience. You can also personalize your Sleep Apnea therapy experience using the DreamMapper App which can be used on various devices. The color touchscreen allows for easy navigation to check your clinical data and give you control over settings like humidity levels, tube temperature and Ramp Plus, a feature that pressure starts low when falling asleep and increases slowly automatically each time upon use.

The DreamStation 2 is also compatible with Philips’ smallest-diameter 12mm heated tubing, so you never have to worry about any uncomfortable snags or tangles throughout the night. Get ready for an ultimate recharge in your sleep cycle and start rejuvenating today!

Everything you need to know about the Dreamstation 2.

Sleek, Portable design for everyday use

With a decrease in size and weight in comparison to the previous model, the DreamStation 2 CPAP is made to be used every night whether at home or on the road. Travels easily.

Ramp Plus Technology for added comfort

Perfect for those who struggle with high pressure therapy. Pressures can be set lower during the Ramp period until reaching normal therapy pressures. Supports auto adjusting event detection.

Micro-flexible heated CPAP tubing

The DreamStation 2 supports Philips’ smallest diameter tubing, which is made to be comfortable while taking up less space than traditional tubing. No more hose tangles during the night. Only 12mm in diameter.

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Ready Support for Sleep Success

Your Lofta therapy continues well beyond the CPAP purchase. We’re here with ongoing information and guidance to keep you on the path to healthy sleep.

Basic Support

Rest easy with Lofta guidance and recommendations.

  • On-demand compliance reports ($35)
  • Lofta Respiratory Therapist Team available for support / coaching ($40 for a 20 minute session)
  • Medical forms requiring a physician signature ($35 - $125)
  • 60-Night Mask Exchange
  • Enhanced Return Policy

Personal support sets you up for success.

  • 1 year of coaching calls
  • 60-Night Cash Back Return
  • 60-Night Unlimited Mask Exchanges
  • 1 Year Supply of Device Filters
  • V-COM Air Flow Reducer
  • Jump Start Coaching (1 wk, 1 mo, 3 mo, 6 mo)
  • 3-year PAP Device Product Protection
  • Discounts on future CPAP supply orders
  • Enhanced Return Policy
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Sleep Therapy Simplified

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