AirMini Off-the-Grid Upgrade

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No outlets? No problem. Go farther and stay longer with our Off-the-Grid Bundle.

We’ve included everything you’ll need to get outside and take your CPAP with you. The Pilot-24 Lite can power your AirMini™ for up to 2 nights. When the battery gets low, use the DC car charger while en route to the next camp site. Or set up the solar panels to be up and running before nightfall.

With a combined weight of under 5 lbs, the Off-the-Grid Bundle is a no-brainer for summer travel. Happy camping!


More Pilot-24 Features:

  • FAA approved for in-flight use
  • USB port for phones, cameras, etc
  • Built-in LED flashlight

Charge times will vary depending on weather, available sunlight, car make/model etc.

Everything you need to know about the AirMini Off-the-Grid Upgrade.

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