What keeps you up at night?
Sleep apnea. Maybe.

Always exhausted?
Suffering from snoring?

It could be more than modern life, it could be sleep apnea. Lofta’s at home sleep test helps diagnose sleep apnea through a non-invasive wearable device, from the comfort of your own home.

Woman wearing a WatchPat One device for a home sleep test

Why you should take a home sleep test:

When you take an at home sleep test, you’re prioritizing your health and ensuring rapid diagnosis and
treatment for improved overall well-being.

Sketch of a person falling asleep during the day

Determine if sleep apnea is a cause of chronic fatigue

Sketch of a person running and feeling the impact of Sleep Apnea

Improve your overall quality of life

Sketch of a person meditating and relaxing

Enhance quality of sleep for you and your partner

Sketch of at home sleep test results on a computer

Receive a diagnosis that enables you to start treatment

A few benefits of better sleep

1 Less risk of depression & anxiety
2 Improved memory & mood
3 Improved alertness & energy
4 Fewer headaches
5 Better cardiovascular health
6 Lower blood pressure
Woman and man both wearing SleepImage Ring testing devices on their thumbs for an at home sleep test

10 Reasons To Choose The
Lofta At Home Sleep Test


01 Convenient and comfortable testing


02 Easy to use


03 Physician reviewed results


04 Affordable


05 Fast results


06 Customized treatment plan


07 Comprehensive testing


08 High-quality equipment


09 Professional support


10 Online convenience

Ready To Get Started?

A man preparing for his home sleep test while wearing the WatchPat One device

Not ready to make a decision?

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A Superior CPAP Experience.

Hear how Lofta clients have gotten back to better sleep.

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The benefits of CPAP treatment include:

Greater quality of sleep

Improved Mood

More daytime energy

Reduced risk of driving incidents

Improved weight loss

Better skin

Stronger immune system

May reduce cholesterol

The Sleep Test Results You Need, The Comfort You Want

With our expert analysis and diagnosis, you can rest easy knowing you're getting the best care possible. Choose Lofta and take the first step towards better sleep today.

Man lifting the hoodie of his Anti Snoring Sleep Club Jacket