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A new day in sleep therapy

The Lofta Complete Path

At last: solutions for your sleep apnea and chronic snoring. Screening to therapy in as little as 5-days – all from home.

Living With Sleep Apnea is Challenging. Treating it Doesn’t Have to Be.

Driven by a desire to simplify a needlessly complex process, Lofta offers a revolutionary, streamlined approach to the diagnosis and treatment of obstructive sleep apnea.

Get started

Do it all, at home.

What you'll get

  • At-home screening and testing tools
  • A prescription from a board-certified doctor
  • Therapy directives
  • Expert guidance every step of the way

What you won't

  • Awkward overnights at a sleep lab
  • Clinical complexity
  • A frustrating maze of insurance
  • A lack of ongoing support