Get Tested For Sleep Apnea From The Comfort Of Your Own Home.

Spend the night in your own bed while getting tested for sleep apnea with Lofta’s easy to use At Home Sleep Test today.

Save with Lofta: $189.00 $349.00
FDA & DOT Approved
Next-day delivery to your door
Sleep coach assistance
Rapid Results
Man wearing the WatchPAT One preparing for the Lofta At Home Sleep test

Why Customers Test with Lofta?

We’ve been helping Americans sleep better for over 10 years.

  • “I found this test to be easy to perform. I’m one step away from treating my sleep apnea within weeks, not months.”

    Maria H., Lofta client

  • “I would highly recommend this test. I was sleeping 8 hours a night and waking up exhausted. Now I know why and can work on fixing it!”

    Kaydee W., Lofta client

  • “I did the at home sleep test and I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Great customer service, great doctors to work with, all in all great experience.”

    Amanda B., Lofta client

  • “Easy to use and easy to follow directions. Fast delivery, cheaper than formal sleep study, and easy to use.”

    Naitik P., Lofta client

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Lofta’s Easy At Home Alternative To Sleep Labs

More cost-effective

An at home sleep test can be up to 88%
more cost-effective than in-lab testing.

Success rate

A less than 2% rate of failure can occur
during data acquisition and analysis.

Why A Lofta At Home Sleep Test

1 Convenient & comfortable

No need for an invasive in-lab sleep study with electrodes and technicians.

2 Accurate & reliable results

Our wearable technology measures critical metrics to accurately determine the presence of sleep apnea.

3 Professional support & guidance

When purchasing a test, the professional support of a healthcare practitioner and a sleep coach are included.

4 Affordable & insurance accepted

Our home sleep test is an affordable, cash pay option. Results of this sleep test may be accepted by your insurance provider but prior authorization is recommended.

How The Lofta At Home Sleep Test Works

Getting diagnosed for sleep apnea can start with a simple at home test from Lofta.

1 Sketch icon of a support person ready to assist

Lofta will provide a brief telemedicine video call to approve your home sleep test.

2 Sketch icon of a sleeping lady resting peacefully

Take the sleep test from the comfort of your home using the wearable device (WatchPAT One or SleepImage Ring) delivered to your door.

3 Sketch icon of a clipboard with sleep apnea test results

A Lofta provided medical practitioner will review the results and provide you with a personal sleep report, which will be explained to you in detail by your Lofta Sleep Coach.

A Customized Lofta Sleep Report

Once your results are in, you’ll receive a detailed Lofta sleep report. Your Lofta sleep coach will walk you through the report, which contains metrics like Oxygen Desaturation Index, Apnea-Hypopnea Index, snoring and sleep stage statistics. Lofta’s unique one-on-one approach ensures ultimate CPAP therapy success, should you require a prescription.

Immediate access to CPAP Therapy with Lofta’s at home sleep study Rx Prescription service

Learn About Our Devices

Lofta uses a variety of home sleep test devices.

WatchPAT One Wearable Home Sleep Test Device SleepImage Ring Wearable Home Sleep Test Device
WatchPAT One SleepImage Ring
Comprehensive Sleep Study Report
Rx Prescription for Therapy (if indicated)
Results Review Call to Discuss Diagnosis
Advanced Bluetooth Pairing Technology
Multi-Night and Charge Capable
Meets Requirements for DOT and FAA
Most Ideal for Painted/Acrylic Nails
Supports Larger Finger Diameter
Detects Central Apnea Events
Snoring Data
Sleep Position Reporting

Understanding The Home Sleep Test

Understanding Sleep Studies
Home Sleep Apnea Tests
Preparing for a Sleep Study
Getting Tested With Lofta

What sleep disorders can home sleep apnea tests detect?


Do you need a prescription for a sleep apnea machine?


What do home sleep tests measure?


When is a home sleep apnea test appropriate?

Get Tested At Home With Lofta

If you suspect you have sleep apnea, there’s no need to wait to do an expensive and intrusive in-lab study. Order from Lofta and test at home.

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