ResMed AirTouch™ F20 Full Face CPAP Mask - Complete System

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Introducing the ResMed AirTouch™ F20 Full Face CPAP Mask with memory foam that is packaged as a complete system. This highly regarded mask is soft, comfortable, stable in performance and features ResMed's UltraSoft memory foam cushion technology.

The AirTouch™ F20 is designed to reduce facial markings and skin irritation, and its plush, permeable foam creates a natural, breathable seal that allows excess heat and sweat to escape. This ends up being ideal for those who suffer from skin irritations and sensitive skin. The F20 CPAP mask also delivers fantastic comfort and a light, breathable experience even at high CPAP pressures. 

The memory foam cushion helps to deliver a light, comfortable fit while being able to handle a wide range of CPAP therapy pressures. This product is compatible with all ResMed CPAP machines and can even be used with the ResMed AirMini™ when used in conjunction with the AirFit™ F20 Setup pack. This setup pack is compatible with both AirFit™ and AirTouch™ F20 CPAP masks.

By being able to conform to the unique contours of the face, the AirTouch™ F20 is the perfect mask for those who want unbeatable comfort and a great fit.

This is the CPAP mask that you have been waiting for. Why not give the AirTouch™ F20 by ResMed a try? You won’t be disappointed!

*Magnets used in this product could impact certain medical devices. Please consult the ResMed manufacturer's guidelines for more information.

Everything you need to know about the ResMed AirTouch F20.

Better Visibility due to Design

The F20 does not require forehead support as the frame spreads underneath the eyes and rises high above the ears where it connects to plush headgear. This helps to provide a clear view of vision, ideal for reading in bed or watching television during CPAP therapy.

UltraSoft Memory Foam Cushion

The AirTouch™ F20's plush memory foam cushion is designed to adapt to the unique contours of each individual face, creating a light, breathable seal that remains in place throughout the night, offering the perfect mix of comfort and performance.

Quick Release Elbow with Air Diffuser

The AirTouch™ F20 helps to quieten CPAP therapy due to its diffuser design. The Quick Release elbow separates from the CPAP hose quickly and efficiently and allows for the patient to quickly stop and start therapy without the need to disrupt the mask during therapy interruptions.

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