Sleep Stories: Zanzibar, Zebras, Zzz's

- By Lofta
Sleep Stories: Zanzibar, Zebras, Zzz's
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By Lofta
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For Brian, bringing the AirMini™ to Africa was essential

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(All photo credits: Brian Sichi)


For Brian, finally making it back to Africa was a dream-come-true. What made it even sweeter? Brian and his mother-in-law didn't have to lug around their bulky, bedside CPAP's. And perhaps the best part, their respective spouses could sleep soundly between safaris!

In his own words, here's Brian's story with the AirMini™

Brian's Story:

I am in my 50s [and] have been on a CPAP for a couple of years. …[As] an executive, I travel frequently for work as well as do a good deal of global travel for pleasure. The normal [CPAP] machines are simply too big to travel with and the ADA allowances for… carry-on [luggage] don't apply everywhere overseas. I found Lofta to not only have one of the best prices for the machine and bundle, but as a USMC veteran I appreciated the associated discount at your store.


Zanzibar, Zebras, and some extra Zs

I first went to Africa in 1993 while serving in the Marines and wanted to do a safari then, but couldn't. For this recent trip to Africa, I was fulfilling a 30-year-old dream and wanted to be sure to have my new machine both for the approximate 20 hours of airplane time each way, as well as to help with luggage weight restrictions on safari.

Every ounce I could shave from my overall weight meant more weight for camera equipment. I took between 12,000 and 15,000 images during our 2-week trip that took us to Zanzibar, Tanzania, and to three different safari locations.

Great Sleep for the Great Migration

One of the highlights for the trip was seeing the Great Migration and staying at the 3 different camps for that portion of the trip. We started out staying in canvas safari tents where my AirMini™ served me well [since I] plugged it into the camp's generator.

In the other two locations it was plugged into more consistent power sources and the light weight and small size made it easy to move from location to location.

All in the Family

My mother-in-law (in her mid-70s) also uses a full-sized CPAP so I suggested to her and my father-in-law that she get one. She was planning on bringing her full-sized machine along. [When she was] looking at the AirMini™, [she] wasn't prone to get one due to the price and not getting it covered by insurance.

Once mine came and she saw it first hand, her mind was quickly changed and her order with Lofta was placed for the trip. The pricing at your store and the good experience I had made it an easy choice and purchase for her just like it was for me.

Of course, along with the user of a CPAP, one of the other beneficiaries is the spouse of the user. Both my wife and father-in-law were thrilled that we got the new machines, and for my wife it provided confidence for her that I would bring a CPAP and actually use it on the trip.




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