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Jay Levitt, of Lofta, Interviewed for The DotCom Magazine

May 17, 2021

Jay Levitt of Lofta Inc. joins other leading CEO’s, founders, and thought leaders that have participated in this informative and popular video interview series. In the interview, Jay Levitt discusses the newest offerings of Lofta Inc., what makes the company different than other firms, and shares unique thoughts on leadership and entrepreneurship. Jay Levitt joins other leaders building strong and compelling companies that have been invited to participate in the exclusive video series.



Andy Jacob, CEO of DotCom Magazine says, “The interview with Jay Levitt was remarkable. He has an excellent background in the Sleep Apnea space. The success of Lofta Inc. is a true testament to their team and their people. It was a real honor to have Jay Levitt on the video series. Interviewing Jay Levitt was a lot of fun, educational and exciting. It was great to have Jay Levitt on the show, and I know people will be absolutely intrigued by what he has to say.”


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