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Concierge-style service to include at-home testing, diagnosis, prescriptions, support, and supplies.

Lofta, the San Diego-based company, announced today the launch of its comprehensive program incorporating an all-new approach to sleep therapy treatment. Principal Jay Levitt created the revolutionary healthcare concept to eliminate obstacles to successful sleep treatment in an effort to benefit the millions of people nationwide who suffer from sleep apnea.

Lofta is pioneering a 7-day streamlined path from initial screening to treatment, with ongoing support and sleep wellness data—all accessed by the patient, from home. The company grew out of Mr. Levitt’s own experience with sleep apnea and a process he found to be unnecessarily complicated. He created Lofta to help others find an easier way.

“There’s an opportunity to improve the sleep therapy landscape,” says Levitt. “We identified multiple challenges: the clinical complexity, the lack of guidance, and little to no follow-up. We removed it all, including the awkward overnights at the sleep lab. Now everything can be done at home. Even the consult with the sleep physician is done online via video chat.”

The novel telemedicine approach leverages technology to make the testing and prescription process quick and easy. A virtual care platform allows Lofta clients to gain access to an independent group of board-certified sleep physicians who oversee the medical aspects of the process, while the company’s high-touch consumer focus and elevated e-commerce site provide a personalized experience.

Sleep-disordered breathing affects both men and women. It is estimated that one in five adults in the US have sleep apnea1, and that 75% of those with the most serious cases are completely unaware they have it.2 “The failure rate of the existing diagnosis and treatment path is alarming,” says Jennifer Levitt, chief strategy officer for Lofta. “The Lofta experience changes the game by delivering a holistic path from initial engagement to screening, diagnosis, treatment, and on-going support.”

Beyond the impact that an untreated sleep disorder has on quality of life, there are serious health consequences including increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.3 ”We want to change the conversation around sleep-disordered breathing,” explains Jennifer. “We do that by addressing the misconceptions surrounding the condition, and then shifting the focus to moving individuals through the diagnosis phase into a meaningful and supportive therapy program.”

Lofta’s innovative 7-day approach to sleep apnea diagnosis and treatment, CPAP therapy devices, supplies, and on-going sleep wellness support packages can be easily accessed through the company’s e-commerce site at, launching in late 2017. Lofta’s web-based experience will offer various support plans, and will meet the needs of clients who want the convenience of purchasing all CPAP-related products and services online.

On the cutting edge of trends in the sleep wellness space, Lofta will also introduce microsites for innovative sleep wellness products that warrant their own exclusive platforms. One such site, Lofta’s recently launched, is the ultimate resource and shopping destination for the revolutionary ResMed Air Mini™, the smallest travel CPAP device available in the market today.

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