Lofta Announces The Most Advanced Home Sleep Apnea Test on the Market

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Lofta introduces The Most Advanced Home Sleep Apnea Test available
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Lofta has introduced a highly advanced at-home Sleep Apnea test and treatment program utilizing WatchPAT’s sleep diagnosis technology as part of their "Complete Path" program. Read all about it here.

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Lofta has introduced a highly advanced at-home Sleep Apnea test and treatment program utilizing WatchPAT’s sleep diagnosis technology.

Lofta, Inc., a San Diego based company revolutionizing the home sleep apnea testing space announced a commercial agreement with Itamar Medical Ltd. which advances their revolutionary “Complete Path” home sleep apnea testing and treatment program. 

Many people have asked the question, “Can I self-diagnose Sleep Apnea?”, “Can you test for Sleep Apnea at home?” and “Are home Sleep Apnea tests accurate? Thanks to Lofta, the answer now is a resounding “Yes!”.

Lofta has integrated with Itamar’s clinically validated diagnostic tool into their streamlined process. The highly advanced Itamar Medical WatchPAT is a portable sleep diagnostic device that uses peripheral arterial tonometry to enable simple yet accurate testing without the complexity and discomfort of traditional airflow-based tests.

Sleep Apnea is a serious condition that deprives the body and brain of much needed oxygen and can be a contributing factor to other serious conditions such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, adult asthma, acid reflux and weight gain.

Lofta brings the most advanced at home sleep apnea test on the market to its clients using Itamar Medical’s WatchPAT technology. The Lofta Complete Path takes clients from sleep apnea diagnosis, to sleep apnea treatment in as little as 5-days, all from the comfort of their own home.

How does the at-home Sleep Apnea test work?

The Lofta WatchPAT is a revolutionary, at-home sleep study test designed to give adults the convenience and comfort of being able to monitor their own sleeping habits without the need for an overnight stay in a lab. This sleep test solution consists of only three components: a watch band, fingertip sensor, and connecting cord - making it user friendly with no nasal tubes or body straps involved. For anyone aged 18 and over who suspects they have obstructive sleep apnea but cannot get tested as quickly as preferred - The WatchPAT makes testing easy while still providing accurate results!

The WatchPAT device uses the wrist, finger, and neck as contact points to measure various metrics. The PAT metric and actigraphy are essential tools for assessing respiration and motor activity respectively. The advanced WatchPAT system takes monitoring to the next level by capturing vital signs such as heart rate, blood oxygen levels, sleep position tracking, snoring duration analysis and events related to chest motion detection during rest periods - all in one comprehensive package!

When you receive your WatchPAT sleep test device in the mail, it’s already the beginning of a start down an easy path to a better night's rest! Lofta makes it simple with a virtual appointment, where you'll meet with a board-certified physician who will both evaluate your physical health and explain the test. After just one use of the system - using proper and recommended technique - results can be generated. Once this has been completed, the results will then be reviewed with that same doctor for personalized sleep recommendations tailored to fit what works best for you.

With Lofta’s Sleep Study, you can get a certified sleep study without ever leaving your bed. Approved by the FDA and possibly covered under insurance, the innovative WatchPAT device is shipped for free to ensure quick arrival to begin your journey towards quality rest! And if it doesn't meet expectations within 60 days of purchase, simply return unopened orders for full reimbursement.


What the experts have to say about this revolutionary approach to Sleep Apnea diagnosis

As mentioned earlier, the “Lofta Complete Path” for Sleep Apnea diagnosis and treatment can be in full effect in as little as 5 days, without having to leave the comfort of your own home or having to travel to a sleep study lab daily.

Lofta CEO, Jay Levitt explains.

“A desire to provide a simple, accurate, reliable solution to those struggling with sleep-disordered breathing and sleep apnea drove the decision to use Itamar’s WatchPAT technology. Lofta is committed to making the sleep apnea diagnosis process accessible, and simple to everyone through advanced technology, and a user-friendly approach that has been clinically validated against polysomnography.”

“Historically, the process of getting diagnosed and treated for sleep apnea has been challenging for patients who often avoid over-night sleep labs that contribute to the complexity and cost of an already difficult journey. Unfortunately, this means people who have a potentially life-threatening condition go undiagnosed, and untreated.”

Lofta clears the way to better sleep by providing access to sleep apnea screening, testing, online diagnosis and comprehensive treatment support all from one place - the client’s home.

Levitt continues, “The WatchPAT is a great match for our clients looking for something quick, easy, and hassle-free. Unlike other sleep tests that require nasal tubes and multiple components, Itamar’s device is as easy as putting on a wristwatch. With this in mind, we think it’s the perfect tool for Lofta’s Complete Path program.”

Despite Lofta’s commitment to ease and convenience, the company is also committed to all professional best practices, and the highest level of client success and support around Sleep Apnea diagnosis.

Lofta’s Director of Client Services, Laura Avilez, explains more about Sleep Apnea.

“Sleep apnea is a serious condition and should be treated. For this reason, the medical aspects of the Lofta Complete Path are overseen by independent board-certified sleep physicians. We aren’t your typical home sleep apnea testing company that ships out tests with little guidance or support. We stay with our clients every step of the way. We love Itamar’s WatchPAT because its advanced technology provides quick comprehensive test results. And our clients appreciate that we can explain the results of their study in a thorough, and accessible way. When people are better informed about their condition, they are vested in their therapy outcomes.”

Along these lines, Levitt points out the distinctive aspect of Lofta’s business model, which he believes will be enhanced by the Itamar technology, “Lofta’s objective is to create long-time relationships with clients by making better sleep easy, and accessible.”


The benefits of the Lofta Home Sleep Test

Many individuals may find that being diagnosed with Sleep Apnea makes them feel anxious, uncomfortable and overwhelmed. But it doesn’t have to be this way with Lofta’s at-home sleep study.

To recap, the benefits of the at home Sleep Apnea test includes:

  • Comfort and convenience by not having to ever leave home for a proper diagnosis. This is especially helpful if you live far away from a sleep study lab.
  • It is an affordable alternative in comparison to being tested at a sleep lab as technicians do not need to be present and the at-home sleep study is more likely to be covered by medical insurance as well.
  • No appointments required so you can get your results immediately instead of having to wait for an appointment.

Before taking the at-home Sleep Apnea test, please ensure that:

  • You avoid any caffeinated drinks such as coffee and alcohol before going to sleep on the night that you will take the sleep test.
  • Avoid taking any naps or dozing off during the day of the test.
  • You do not use any body lotions, hair gel etc. so that sensors can make proper contact and provide accurate readings.
  • You stick to your regular patterns before going to bed.

These points are extremely important to follow in order to obtain accurate results.

If you are unsure whether or not you would need to get tested for Sleep Apnea, go to our Sleep Wellness page for more information.

Additionally, if you would like to learn more about our revolutionary at-home Sleep Apnea study, please visit either our Sleep Apnea Test page or contact one of our Lofta Sleep Champions by either Calling, Emailing or chatting with them directly online at for the best possible advice.

It’s time for refreshing, restful sleep. Contact Lofta today.


About Lofta

Lofta is revolutionizing and redefining how people are diagnosed and treated for Sleep Apnea and chronic snoring with life changing results. By leveraging telemedicine technology, one-on-one customer service and a consumer-centric approach, Lofta offers Sleep Apnea testing and treatment solutions on pace with the rapidly changing health and wellness environment - when and where clients need them the most.

Motivated by a desire to streamline the complex process of sleep testing, Lofta makes a better night sleep accessible quickly and easily by removing the obstacles that compound an already exhausting problem - the maze of insurance requirements, inconvenient overnight stays at sleep labs, and an all-too-common lack of support.  Lofta is dedicated to clearing the way to healthy sleep.

Lofta’s Complete Path is only part of the company’s story. Lofta also seeks to cultivate enduring relationships through its innovative high touch therapy program featuring dedicated sleep coaches and one-on-one support, every step of the way.

As clients continue their treatment journey, Lofta leverages advanced technology to report sleep outcomes daily, and in real-time, providing a continuous feedback loop to optimize ongoing therapy. Through high-tech, high-touch engagement, Lofta clients achieve long-term sleep wellness and excellent results.

All Lofta’s signature programs, including its comprehensive e-commerce experience, are available at

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