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Living with sleep-disordered breathing is challenging.

Treating it doesn’t have to be.

Lofta makes it simple. No doctors’ offices. No overnights in the sleep lab. No clinical complexity. Just better sleep.

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Better sleep can change your life.

And it’s never been easier.

It’s a streamlined approach—from screening to treatment, all done at home:

First, you’ll connect with Lofta.

We’ll answer all your questions about sleep apnea and get you started with an online sleep health screening.

Next up, a video consult with a board-certified sleep physician.

A qualified specialist will determine if a home sleep test is right for you.

Then, we’ll send you the sleep test to take—at home.

you’ll get all you need to diagnose sleep apnea, without setting foot in a clinic or lab.

With the doctor’s prescription, you’ll get started on treatment

Lofta will be there, every step of the way—from matching you with the best device, to follow-ups, ongoing support, and supplies as you need them.

Good sleep is good for you.

It’s more important than you think.

A lack of quality shut-eye can negatively impact our lives. And one of the most common culprits is sleep apnea—a disorder that can cause breathing to stop for seconds or minutes at a time, depriving the body and brain of oxygen.

Left untreated, sleep apnea can actually increase the risk for diabetes, heart disease, and other serious health problems.


of US adults suffer from sleep apnea 1


of severe sleep apnea cases are undiagnosed 2

Health risks grow with untreated sleep apnea 3

Get an early start with Lofta.

Good sleep can’t wait. Our pre-launch program can help you get the sleep you need, sooner.

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