For Bed Partners

Worried about your loved one?

Loved ones are often the first to suspect their partner is suffering from sleep apnea – a serious, but treatable condition – that is dangerous if undiagnosed. Partners can play a critical role in encouraging a loved one to seek and continue treatment. Helping your partner get on the path to better sleep can transform their lives – and yours.

Disturbed by your partner’s snoring?

You’re not alone. It’s estimated that 50% of adults snore and that approximately half of those who snore loudly have sleep apnea. This serious condition has detrimental consequences not only for those who have it, but for their loved ones as well. Partners of people with sleep apnea report greater incidences of sleep disturbance, daytime fatigue, interference with work, and strained relationships. Many resort to sleeping pills, ear plugs, or sleeping in a different room. If this is your experience, Lofta can help.

Is my partner at risk for sleep apnea?

When it comes to sleep apnea, bed partners are often the first to see the signs. Snoring doesn’t always mean sleep apnea, but - if you notice your partner snoring loudly, gasping for air, or snorting – he or she may be at risk. Other health and lifestyle factors can increase the likelihood of sleep apnea, which shouldn’t go untreated – both for your sake and your partner’s. Take our brief quiz to see if your partner is at risk for sleep apnea.

Take the quiz for bed partners

What can I do?

Studies show that the partners of sleep apnea sufferers can play a game-changing role in getting their loved ones diagnosed and treated. However, discussions about sleep apnea with your partner can be difficult. People are often reluctant to start the conversation because of stigma and misunderstanding surrounding the condition. Many are scared off by thoughts of sleep labs, multiple doctor visits, and clinical complexity.

But, there’s hope. Lofta has cleared the path to better sleep: a streamlined process that takes clients from diagnosis to treatment in as little as 7-days – all in the comfort of their own homes.

Discover the Lofta Complete Path and start a life changing conversation with your partner today.

Together again

If your partner has sleep apnea, treating it successfully can make a world of difference not only to them, but to you. Partners of people who use therapy devices report higher sleep quality and a more harmonious relationship. Schedule a Call with a Lofta Sleep Coach so we can help you both get on the path to better sleep today.

"Connecting my husband with Lofta has literally changed my life. I was losing sleep from his snoring and scared to death when I heard him gasping for air. Now that he’s on CPAP, we are both sleeping well and I can move out of the guest room. Thanks for bringing us together again!"

San Diego, CA