Replacement Filters for AirSense 11

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Note: This product is for use with the Resmed AirSense 11.

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The ResMed AirSense™ 11 CPAP machine is designed to provide you with clean and effective sleep apnea therapy, and the disposable CPAP air filter is a key part of that. This disposable CPAP filter helps to keep dust, dirt and pollen from clogging up your machine, which can cause it to work less effectively or even break down completely due to either pollutant or dust build up. Keep in mind that all of the air that you are breathing throughout the night during your sleep apnea therapy treatment is coming through this filter, so it is very important to keep the air supply clean.

These filters come in either Standard or Hypoallergenic options. The Hypoallergenic filters add an additional layer of protection against dust and pollutants and allow the room air to be properly filtered by the AirSense

These CPAP air filters generally need to be replaced once a month but please bear in mind that you still need to check the filter for possible replacement at least once per week due to differing air quality, and to keep your CPAP machine running like new. Signs of requiring a new filter include dust build up, discoloration of the filter itself and if the filter has holes or any visible damage. A dirty or clogged filter can cause the machine to malfunction and in some severe cases cause complete failure. 

The replacement of these disposable filters regularly also ensure that the user is being provided with the best quality of air possible.

Everything you need to know about the Replacement Filters for AirSense 11.

High Quality

When you use the best CPAP device, you need to make sure that it is regularly cleaned and properly maintained for longevity of the device. The Lofta disposable filters are the perfect companion for your AirSense™ 11 CPAP. Maintain the best sleep apnea therapy by using the best replacement parts for your machine

In Packs of 3 or 6

These disposable filters for the ResMed AirSense™ 11 come in packs of either 3 or 6. The choice is yours. Never run out of filters, ensuring ultimate convenience when using your CPAP machine

Available in Standard or Hypoallergenic options

The Lofta AirSense™ 11 Filters come either in standard or hypoallergenic form, the latter adding an added layer of protection for your CPAP machine and to help those who are sensitive and tend to suffer from allergies when using their AirSense™ 11 CPAP during therapy

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