I've been using the AirMini the last few nights and it is AMAZING!

From Brett Fletcher, on September 19, 2017

My wife and I are right in the middle of moving into an apartment in downtown Dallas. We are keeping our home in RSF and will be straddling TX and CA for the foreseeable future, which is why I hopped on the deal you offered for the ResMed 10 machine, which I shipped to Dallas yesterday.

While whisper quiet, it does seem to make more hose-associated noise during inhalation than the S9. That quirk is more than offset, in my opinion, by the absence of the slight EPR function-related whining the S9 makes during exhalation and the adaptive pressure feature of the AirMini, which has me very comfortably sleeping through the night.

You'll like how I found you!  I have been wanting to buy a compact CPAP for traveling (which I do a lot of, too!  My S9 has at least a million travel miles!) and as a backup.  I have purchases cpap supplies over the years from Amazon and the cpapshop, so initially looked there for the AirMini. But I also did a Google search to check pricing and noticed Lofta and was immediately captivated by the website.

I don't have to tell you that all the current web-based CPAP retailers have websites that were designed in 1998! 

Your website and the message you convey on it was so appealing to me that I decided to buy from you even though the system was going to cost me about $60 more.  Once I started the purchase process, I found the AirMini pricing bundle and the majority of that price difference disappeared and I found out you were based in San Diego and could get machine to me the next day.  I couldn't have been happier! 

On top of that, even though I was placing my order at 11:30pm, I immediately got an email from your team (you?) and ended up not only with an AirMini, but a new S10 for my bedside in Dallas! 

My wife and I know Peter Fuller, the ResMed founder, very well.  My path to cpap therapy was arduous, to say the least, even though I had an inside track!!  The sleep study was a nightmare.  I first had to perform an at-home pulseOx study as a pre-screen to see if I was eligible for the hospital sleep study.  Once I passed that hurdle, I had to get an appointment that worked with my travel schedule.  Bottom line: from my first doctor visit to inquire about cpap to having my prescription was about 6 weeks!  

For me, the transition to cpap therapy was fairly easy.  Many years ago, I was a soldier and a combat diver, so no issue for me to breathe through a tube or to put up with a little compressed air noise!

That said, every once in a while, I break out my first S8 and that original nasal pillow mask and that sucker is noisy!  The S9 and the P10 represented vast improvements in noise and comfort over the S8.

I'm thrilled to learn that you are not "just" selling cpap gear, but are working to truly transform the model of getting gear and education to patients in a streamlined manner.  Years ago, my wife and I met with Peter Fuller and his senior team to discuss how her company (she is CEO of AMN Healthcare, the county's largest healthcare staffing and workforce solutions company) could work with ResMed to CEO exactly what you are doing: use in-home technology to streamline the diagnosis/prescription process.  For a variety of reasons, those discussions didn't go anywhere, so I'm excited that you and the Lofta team are finally going to make that happen.

Good luck to you in the endeavor to build Lofta and disrupt the current, rickety model for delivering cpap to new patients!