Although I feel overwhelmingly busy and rarely give feedback especially unsolicited, I feel compelled to express my compliments to the Lofta Team.

From Brett Fletcher, on September 19, 2017

I ordered the mini cpap for my husband as a gift because he is often traveling. I immediately received an email informing me I needed to send in copy of the physician prescription. I responded with some concern about getting the prescription and received an extremely helpful email and offer to speak with me if I had any further questions. I had another issue with the mask and they solved that issue without waiting to discuss it with me which expedited the time it took for me to get it and the resolution was perfect. (Too often, a company will let a question or issue delay delivery and rarely do they take initiative to find a solution and just make it happen with adding time or cost to the customer.) I received another polite and professional email letting me know what they did.

After giving the exciting gift to my husband (which thanks to Lofta was a total surprise), my husband had a question about cleaning the mask. I gave him one of the emails I had received and he called them and again they answered his questions and were most helpful. Between my husband and myself we spoke with 2 different people at Lofta. My husband told me about his interaction and he said, “I called the sleep company guy named Jeff and he was so helpful. He answered right away when I called, was very informed and professional, and really impressed me about the caliber of this company.” Really! My thoughts exactly except I spoke to someone named Brett. Their attention to detail, availability to answer questions, professionalism, personalized communication post purchase is not a common experience in the world of commerce today!

Oh, and did I mention that the price was better than other websites, the shipping I believe was free, fast delivery, only business that offered this product on a 30 day trial with option to return, and so far my husband likes the product?

To Brett and Jay, thank you for your great customer service!