Lofta Announces At Home Sleep Apnea Testing and Treatment

Service includes at-home sleep testing, diagnosis, prescriptions, support, and supplies.

Lofta, the San Diego-based sleep therapy company, announced today details of its newly developed Complete Path at home sleep apnea testing and treatment program. The revolutionary Lofta concept grew out of Principal Jay Levitt’s own experience with treating sleep apnea—a process he found to be unusually frustrating. The novel healthcare company aims to eliminate these obstacles and streamline sleep treatment in an effort to benefit the millions of people nationwide who suffer from sleep apnea.

“The existing paradigm is unnecessarily complicated, fragmented, and inefficient,” Levitt explained. “First individuals must determine if they have sleep apnea, and then they’ve got to deal with medical offices, overnights in sleep labs, and durable medical equipment suppliers—all with little or no information or support. It leads to a staggering failure rate.”

To combat this, Lofta has leveraged the technology and convenience of virtual care and home sleep testing to create its Complete Path—a holistic approach that allows clients to engage in a high-touch experience—from initial screening and sleep testing, through to diagnosis, therapy, and ongoing support. The entire diagnostic phase and commencement of treatment all takes place at home, typically under one week.

It’s estimated that one in five adults in the US have sleep apnea1. Some people even get a diagnosis but forgo treatment because of the perceived stigma, or the belief that treating it is more trouble than it’s worth. And the truth is, the traditional experience is less than ideal. But it turns out that 75% of those with the most serious cases of sleep apnea are unaware they have it2—a devastating statistic when you consider that an untreated sleep disorder has serious health consequences including increased risk for diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke.3

“The good news is that Lofta is changing all that,” says Levitt, “with a streamlined approach to treating sleep apnea that eliminates complexity and clears the path to better sleep—and better health. People go their entire lives with undiagnosed and untreated sleep apnea. We know that the Complete Path can be a game changer in terms of improving daytime sleepiness and overall vitality.”

Clients participating in the Lofta subscription therapy packages receive not only the support of their own dedicated Lofta Sleep Coach, but emails with daily sleep data reports. As part of a growing trend where various wellness metrics can be tracked, this direct feedback engenders more personal investment in therapy. The company furthers the commitment to connected care by dispensing therapy devices that can be monitored and adjusted remotely for efficacy and comfort.

Lofta bypasses the maze of insurance reimbursement in favor of monthly and annual subscription plans, including 12-month, 0% APR financing available to qualified customers. The company aims to make treatment attainable and is so confident in its model that it offers a 45-day satisfaction guarantee with a full refund. The Complete Path for sleep apnea diagnosis, CPAP therapy devices, treatment, supplies, and the Lofta support plans—including RightStart45, Sleep365, and RX Express—can be accessed through, launching in late 2017.  

Beyond implementing the  Complete Path, Lofta is also launching a series of e-commerce microsites beginning with dedicated to the ResMed AirMini™, the world’s smallest and lightest travel CPAP machine. Easy-start bundles are available, as is information on screening, prescription services, and telemedicine consultations for those who suspect they may have sleep apnea.

Learn more about how Lofta has revolutionized the sleep therapy industry.
For media inquires about Lofta, please contact:

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Lofta, Inc. headquarters
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1 Peppard et al. Am J Epidemiol 2013,
2 Young et al. Sleep 2008
3 Marshall et al. J Clin Sleep Med 2014
*Lofta is a Home Medical Device Retailer (HMDR) licensed in certain states to dispense durable medical equipment to facilitate the treatment of sleep-disordered breathing (SDB) as directed by a licensed physician. Lofta does not provide patient evaluations, diagnosis, care and/or treatment, and should never be relied upon as a substitute for, or resource in place of, a licensed medical practitioner. However, as a convenience to our clients and to facilitate the most streamlined path to treatment possible, Lofta may offer clients access to a virtual care platform** through which clients can establish an independent physician-patient relationship with a licensed physician (belonging to a third-party medical professional association***) of the client’s choosing. Lofta shall not be a party to such relationships. Alternatively, Lofta can take direction from a licensed physician with whom the client has already established a patient-physician relationship.
**Lofta Virtual Care is a telehealth platform Lofta has licensed and modified to facilitate improved communication between clients, independent physicians, and Lofta employees. This is a HIPAA compliant video conferencing tool with medical information. Lofta does not provide medical care through this tool, but independent licensed healthcare professionals and physician groups can license the use of this tool to provide diagnostic service to Lofta clients.
***Lofta Physicians, PA is a third-party medical professional association that has licensed the brand name of Lofta for use. Additionally, Lofta PA has licensed the use of the Lofta VC platform to interact with their patients. Lofta has no financial interest in Lofta PA and has no control over operational elements such as pricing decisions, physician selection, or licensing/compliance matters. Any relationship between a Lofta client and a physician working for Lofta PA is at the discretion of the client.

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